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Book Overview

Depicting author Evelyn DeKorte’s growth in her faith walk, Tracing His Hand offers a collection of stories she has experienced on her journey in this life, a record of God’s faithfulness.

Evelyn DeKorte

As a relatively new Christian when she started her marriage and her writing, Evelyn DeKorte wants to inspire all in their faith walk. These stories show her growing in her faith footsteps, sometimes stumbling along the way, but learning as she goes. Once, in a Sunday school class she heard the teacher say to never look back at our past. The author questioned her, asking, “Why can’t we look back and trace God’s hand and see that he was working in our lives all along? These stories are a record of His faithfulness in the sometimes crazy, sometimes scary, and sometimes unusual circumstances her life. In sharing these stories, she hopes that you also can look back, trace His Hand and faithfulness in the little things, and see God’s fingerprints in the everyday experiences.